Terrazzo and Concrete Grinding and polishing

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Terrazzo Grinding and Polishing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Why Get My Defit For Terrazzo Grinding And Polishing

Granite and marble are among the most beautiful materials that can be used for any type of surface. But, though they are also some of the toughest building materials known to man, they cannot withstand treatment with conventional cleaning and maintenance products.

Our sister company My Floor offers a full range of professional polishing and sealing services for marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone and sandstone floors found in commercial and residential environments with the capability to service all floor sizes, starting from 20 m2 to 20,000 m2. The natural beauty of your floor will become accentuated through our use of high quality tools, products and methods, the use of which we’ve mastered over the years of working for our clients. 

Lippage removal Brisbane, gold coat and sunshine coast

A common problem shown after the stone floor has been laid is lippage. Tiles can never be set perfectly level and will always connect at a small angle due to the nature of the materials used. The protruding edges (lips) may present a safety hazard and are generally unpleasant and ruin the favourable impression the stone floor conveys.

However, lippage is a natural consequence of the manual work required to set the tiles down and is never completely avoidable. My Floor will help you remove all lippage by polishing and sealing marble and terrazzo tiled floors, thus creating a perfectly smooth and even surface that radiates a certain kind of surreal beauty.   

Terrazzo polishing equipment

While other companies in the industry use generic polishing tools, products and methods, we constantly innovate in order to perform our services better, faster and cheaper. When it comes to polishing floors, we employ an exclusive and unique diamond polishing system. Our stone polishing tools are tipped with miniature particles of diamond, the hardest material in existence, giving them gentle, yet unstoppable polishing power.

Tools that possess grinding surfaces with diamond particles smoothen the treated parts of the floor impeccably, removing all stains, dullness and irregularities, and leave behind only absolute perfection of colour. The end result of a stone floor being treated by My Floor is always its ultimate reflectivity and maximum shine potential brought to the surface. 

Terrazzo Grinding and polishing processes

The special polishing methods we use are exceptionally appropriate for use on terrazzo and marble floors, due to their inherent hardness. The diamond polishing system is a lasting solution that eliminates the need for constant re-sealing of the floor surface with conventional products and treatments, such as sacrificial coatings.

The flaw of the sacrificial coating as opposed to diamond polishing is that it can dull and scratch very easily, unless great care is taken to avoid spillage of liquids or applying great force to the surface of the floor.  Thus, applying sacrificial coatings to your marble or terrazzo floor will have to be done on a regular basis and will cost you dearly. 

Ongoing Maintenance for terrazzo flooring

Not having to re-apply the cleaning and/or maintenance on your marble or terrazzo floor will prove to cut costs associated with it to a significant degree. Diamond polishing will increase the hardness and durability of your stone floor and minimise the need to restore it further down the line. Thus, diamond polishing is the most efficient solution and can be easily applied to commercial, as well as residential stone floor surfaces of all shapes and sizes.

Polishing will also reduce lippage and overall increase the safety standards compliance of the floor surface. It’s very easy to use a substandard product or service for your stone floor. But, only by opting to become a client of My Floor can you achieve the absolute maximum of quality and beauty of your stone floor.    

Our company provide our stone floor maintenance services to clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane. For a free on sight quote or emailed estimate, contact My Defit.